Personalized Caricature wedding website handcrafted for you

We live and breathe weddings and design every single day. Let us help you create your perfect love story with your own luxurious wedding website.

Website features

Caricatures for whole family in best looking dresses

Eliminate those "who's who" conversations and have fun and time, We've now made connecting with family and friends easier by creating fun portraits for each person. All we need are photos of everyone's faces.

Schedules and RSVPs

Customize who can rsvp which events , ask specific RSVP questions effortlessly and get all the information saved in your google sheets

Password protect particular pages

Choose which pages are visible to everyone and which require your wedding password for access.

Share your love story

Let your guests catch up on the backstory. No more awkward questions – “So, how did you meet?”

QnA and Guest Travel information 

Create an FAQ for your guests and leave them with as much knowledge and as little stress as possible. They will appreciate the time, energy and effort you put in to make their trip smooth. 

Map it all out for your guests

Say goodbye to frustrated guests looking for driving directions. Now they can find it easily on your website through Google Maps and Uber and Ola integrations.

Collect and Showcase pictures

Allows your guests to share their photos and videos they have clicked of your wedding and host wedding photo galleries on your site for everyone to see.

Live stream your wedding

Host a virtual wedding on your website that anyone can attend, from anywhere in the world. So they don't feel left out.

How it works

Step 1

Make 50% of the payment to get the project started

Pass on the pictures of both of you as well as your families so that our artists can start working on the caricatures

Step 2

Share the information related to venue details, about the couple and FAQs etc to be put up on the website

While the caricatures are being made we start building your website.

Step 3

Finally let us know the domain name of your choice, we will buy and connect the domain, setup web hosting and make the website live.

Make the other half of the payment once your website is live

Wall of love

Kaustuv & Amandeep

" From the very beginning Arpit and Shre understood our needs and quickly responded to all of our requests. They built an amazing website for us and published on the domain of our choice, Arpit was very helpful and responsive throughout the process. The caricatures they created for us and our family were beyond adorable. Uber and Ola integration was wonderful for our guests, which made it very convenient for them to reach the venue. We totally recommend Invitoria. "

Alyssa & Steven

" We were a little hesitant to commit to spending money on a website. We looked at other website builder platforms, but they were all so generic looking. We chose Invitoria for its unique concept of caricature based website. With their extensive set of features it was even more worth specially their photo upload feature was very useful and it made it very easy for all the attendees to share with us, all the photos they clicked, plus the customer service has been great! "

Shyam & Anamika

" We were looking for something unique and different to invite our guests. Luckily we found Invitoria. Their beautifully done caricature and extensive set of features just hooked us in. They were always responsive to our queries and requests. and the best part was that they managed the website completely for us, we just had to tell them if we wanted to include something or needed any changes. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to showcase their wedding in a unique and fun way. "


₹ 24999 for 1 year 

₹ 999 per month , for additional months

Questions you might have 

How much time does it take to finish the website?

2 to 7 days 

Introduce each member of your family with their own photo and details, reducing the who’s who convos for all.

Do i need to pay extra for domain and hosting?


You don't need to pay anything extra , we will buy and link your domain, just let us know to the one you want and we will take care of the rest.  

For how long will my website be live?

1 Year 

We will look after and take care of the website for one complete year, but you can choose to extend this duration by paying an small amount for additional months

Can we trust you to be around if we need any changes in the website after complete payment has been done ?

Definitely, No doubt about that.

Throughout our time together you will be interacting with creative minds who are building your website and not just any customer support who doesn't have an idea about technology and design. we will update your gallery images and do any changes you might need in your website

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Arpit is a designer and product manager who loves to craft a good story. His work shows off some of his personality, leaving a trail of peculiarity while creating user-centric, delightful, and human experiences



Shreshtha is a front-end developer and has a serious passion for UI effects, animations and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences. A well-organised person, problem solver with high attention to detail, her work is balanced and always refreshing to watch. 

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